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Adam paused and thoughtfully replied, "I don't know." In "Bitter Water," Hoss teased Adam for dating Virginia Keith for three years and allowing another man to marry her.

In Season Five's "The Waiting Game" Adam pursued the young widow, Laura Dayton.

Adam's hesitance on "The Pressure Game" caused much talk and speculation.

Concerned, Ben approached Adam, frankly stating that Adam had a certain responsibility toward Laura and that, "When a man's been as single as long as you have, Adam, you can't blame him for being spooky about marriage." He urged Adam to bow out if he was not sure of his feelings for Laura.

He studied architecture and engineering and applied his knowledge and skills on the Ponderosa and other projects.

Adam is an intelligent, open-minded and educated person who shares many interests like reading, singing and playing the guitar.

Abel Stoddard† (grandfather) Ben Cartwright (father) Elizabeth Stoddard Cartwright (mother) Inger Borgstrom Cartwright (step mother) Marie De Marigny Cartwright† (step mother) Hoss Cartwright (half brother) Little Joe Cartwright (half brother) Jamie Hunter Cartwright (adopted brother) John Cartwright† (uncle) Will Cartwright (cousin) Adam Cartwright was born in the year 1830 in New England to Ben and Elizabeth (Stoddard) Cartwright.

He is good with a gun, warm, sensible, intelligent, mature and responsible.

" After they fought, Joe extended an olive branch and said to Adam, "I'm sorry I raised my hand to you," a statement acknowledging his regard of Adam as an authority figure.

Joe commonly refers to Adam as "Older Brother," a title he does not often assign to Hoss.

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