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The obvious reason on this web site is comedy - recording funny prank calls so that other people can hear them.Maybe you're forgetful and just want to keep a record of your phone calls for later review.You can even stick it on the opposite side, where your ear normally goes, as long as you can still hear the conversation okay.If you do this, you'll probably need to wrap some tape around the suction cup and phone to hold it on.I had a problem with the voice activation, though, because the first word would always be half cut off. These can also be picked up at Radio Shack for .99.The part number is Olympus TP-7: This is a very useful device for doing covert recordings in public - we used it for most of our Wal-Mart prank calls when we picked up the phones in their stores to talk to customers.Then it will stop recording when the caller hangs up.Radio Shack carries 2 different models and I've never been able to understand what the difference is between them.

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Instead of using a speakerphone, you should at least spend .49 on a suction cup microphone...

If you run your own podcast show, these recording methods work great for podcasting telephone calls.

Or maybe you'd just like to tap and record someone else's phone line, or even a public phone.

You can buy the suction cup phone recorder at Radio Shack for .49. In-line Recorders: This device has always been my favorite method of recording phone calls and has almost always produced the best quality recordings.

An in-line recorder plugs into any phone jack in your house and will record phone calls from any phone on that same line.

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