Azorian the raising of the k-129 online dating

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'There are so many people who have to be briefed on covert operations, it is bound to leak. All of yesterday they were making a record to protect themselves about AZORIAN. I wonder if we shouldn't get the leadership in and discuss it. Trying to deduce whether the thief did indeed have the missing memo, the CIA informed the FBI about it.The FBI passed on the information to police, who asked the intermediary whether the thief was in possession of it.In 1968 the Soviet ballistic missile submarine K-129 sank in the Central North Pacific.American intelligence located it within weeks of its demise.Shortly before the second planned salvage mission, the Los Angeles Times published a report stating that 'reports circulating among local law enforcement officers' indicated Howard 'was contracted to the CIA to raise a sunken Russian nuclear submarine from the Atlantic Ocean…

Now after much secrecy, this story can be told, by the men who made it happen and with never-before-seen footage of the actual salvage attempt, and new evidence of the project's successes and failures.

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From undersea searches to maritime architecture to spy agency intrigue, the author excels at making complex operations understandable to the layman…

Hughes's vessel, the Hughes Glomar Explorer, embarked on a salvage mission in 1974 which was somewhat successful.

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