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But choosing a new muffler is more than just making your vehicle sound louder.

If you just slap on some muffler, you can end up with just crackling noise instead of that deep tone you are looking for.

Amy lives in a small town about two hours away from us, and my wife, Stacey insisted that she needed to be there in order to support her best friend.

There are certain mufflers that can be complementary to your engine's performance while there are others will just make you cry over spilled milk.

For muscle car enthusiasts, they would want that deep throaty rumble that announces their presence blocks away.

The aggressive sound that it produces outside can be perfect.

On Friday night I called my friends John and Mike and we went to see this amazing guitar player named Will.

If you ever get the chance to see Will live, do yourself a favour and go. I seriously have never seen anybody play a guitar the way he does, and that's including guys like Hendrix, Clapton, and Young. We met some girls that John knew at the Will gig, and, after several drinks, one of the girls made it quite obvious that she was interested in spending the night with me.

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