Dating someone hiv positive edit 9 png online dating

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Do you tell them your status soon after you have met?Do you tell them once it seems things are becoming serious and moving to a sexual level?All our peer mentors are living with HIV themselves and are trained to provide a comprehensive package of emotional and practical support around all aspects of living with HIV. Facilitated by staff and mentors, the group provides a safe, friendly and welcoming space for you to get peer support, build life skills, have fun and socialise.Each month focusses on a different theme and we lay on a free lunch! Whether you were diagnosed while pregnant, are having your first child since your diagnosis, living with HIV and planning to get pregnant or a new mum, we can provide emotional and practical support including information about reducing the risk of onward transmission and treatment options.Using condoms might be difficult if there is pressure from partners not to use condoms, especially if they have not previously been used, or for cultural and religious reasons.Negotiating condoms can be difficult for many women.Many people living with HIV are in a relationship with somebody else who is also HIV positive.

An HIV diagnosis can impact on sex life in different ways.If you are a woman living with HIV we are here to help.We know that as women living with HIV we face unique challenges, but we are also incredibly resilient and resourceful.You’ll also meet other people in a similar position, facing the same kind of concerns.Dates and further information can be found here Whether you need a one off session or something ongoing, we can tailor support that’s right for you.

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