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The most common uses were to determine the identity of one's future spouse, the location of one's future home, and how many children a person might have.Seasonal foods such as apples and nuts were often employed in these rituals.In medieval Ireland, Samhain became the principal festival, celebrated with a great assembly at the royal court in Tara, lasting for three days.After being ritually started on the Hill of Tlachtga, a bonfire was set alight on the Hill of Tara, which served as a beacon, signaling to people gathered atop hills all across Ireland to light their ritual bonfires.The Coligny calendar marks the mid-summer moon (see Lughnasadh), but omits the mid-winter one.The seasons are not oriented at the solar year, viz.The Samhain celebrations have survived in several guises as a festival dedicated to the harvest and the dead.In Ireland and Scotland, the Féile na Marbh, the 'festival of the dead' took place on Samhain.

It is important to remember that all of the written documents in places like Ireland and Wales date to a time after the arrival of Christianity in the 5th century.The word 'bonfire', or 'bonefire' is a direct translation of the Gaelic .With the bonfire ablaze, the villagers extinguished all other fires.are still today the names of the months of May, August and November in the Irish language.Similarly, an Lùnasdal and an t-Samhain are the modern Scottish Gaelic names for August and November.

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