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In line with this, she has mentioned that she will be taking care of herself specifically her physical condition.Check out her full comment below: It has been a while.One of the main reasons attributed to the low-key relationship is Fukuyama's success among lady fans.In fact, when it was confirmed that Fukuyama and Fukiishi are dating, his fans coined the term "Masha-Loss" to denote he is no longer single.Barairo no Seisen (TV Asahi, 2011) Yamada Taro Monogatari (TBS, 2007) Bambino ! I (1999) Tegami 手紙 (2006) Ashita no Kioku 明日の記憶 (2006) Yuki ni Negau Koto / What the Snow Brings (2005) Naisu no Mori : The First Contact (2006) Noriko's Dinner Table (2005) One Missed Call (2004) Toki no Kaori (2002) Jyu Nana Sai No Koi (2001) Ashita wa Kitto (2001) Tokimeki Memorial (1994)Ouais dans Bambino je l'ai pas trouvé super non plus...

How did the killer enter the closed research room and how did the killer leave the room?Please continue watch us from now on." The news of the pregnancy has made the fans extremely excited and happy.Many fans have tweeted their well wishes for the couple, saying things that range from "Their baby will have super genes" to "Like Father Like Son," which is in reference to Fukuyama's film that won him a special July Prize at Cannes International Film Festival 2013.Japan woke up to a huge entertainment world news shocker Monday morning – top singer-actor Fukuyama Masaharu got married to secret actress girlfriend Fukiishi Kazue.There is a 13 year age gap between the couple, with Masa being 46 years old while Kazue is 33 this year, but the couple have apparently been dating for a few years now if rumored gossip from way back when is to be believed.

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