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The so-called Mozarabic Chronicle of 754, written by a Christian living in al-Andalus under Muslim rule, and the earliest surviving account of the events of 711, speaks of the invading force of Muslims without racial animus as "Arabs and Moors" (Wolf 1990: 131).These texts suggest that early on "Moor" signified "Berber." African origin is clearly marked in this usage.We know that at the earlier times mentioned, the people of the Levant (Phoenicians and others) were purely Black people.Question: If Moor, Maure, and the other words mean "Black", then how would that differentiate anyone from anyone? Also it should be obvious that the Berbers didn't call themselves Moors, that is what others called them.The industry appears to have spread throughout the coastal regions of the Maghrib between 15,000 and 10,000 B. Neolithic civilization (marked by animal domestication and subsistence agriculture) developed in the Saharan and Mediterranean Maghrib between 6,000 and 2,000 B. This type of economy, so richly depicted in the Tassili-n-Ajjer cave paintings, predominated in the Maghrib until the classical period.The amalgam of peoples of North Africa coalesced eventually into a distinct native population that came to be called Berbers.

Just as there is always ancient Black art, there are always degenerate White people who will create fake artifacts so as to make the claim that White people were a part of the ancient population.The difference being that Americans don't claim to be the native and original people.Thus one of the oddities of modern times is found in North Africa: where the Mulattoes, Quadroons, and Octoroons of the White invaders, and even the White invaders themselves: proclaim themselves BERBERS and the INDEGENOUS inhabitants of North AFRICA!!!Isidore of Seville, who died well before Islam came to Iberia, follows Roman usage in referring to northwest Africa as Mauritania (from which maurus/moro is derived) on account, he says, of its inhabitants' blackness.Similarly, the Visigothic chronicler John of Biclaro refers to the inhabitants of pre-Islamic North Africa as Moors (Wolf 1990: 64).

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    Many persons attracted to persons of a different race or culture felt forced to date exclusively within their own race based on the insistence of others. Several surveys conducted in the past years show an increase in the number of mixed-race and interracial relationships and marriages in several countries worldwide.

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