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’ It’s a scary thing, but Chris and I have had the discussion because it’s important we are a partnership and decide these things together.” And for those who still feel that size matters, then the singer can point to her brand ambassador contract with high street fashion store Evans, who previously recruited Chaka Khan and Beth Ditto.

“It has allowed me to reach a different audience of women, who have no clue about the music.

Director of the Frick Collection, Ian Wardropper, said: “We are thrilled to collaborate with Auckland Castle and the Meadows Museum on the first North American showing of Francisco de Zurbarán’s extraordinary series Jacob and His Twelve Sons.

“The technical analysis carried out at the Kimbell has greatly enriched our understanding of the master’s methods, while catalogue essays commissioned for the show explore the works in historical, cultural, and religious contexts.

I had to learn how to work with my body and I know now the chances of me ever being a size two or four are slim to none, no pun intended,” says Clemmons.

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PCOS is a condition suffered by around one in five women, including Victoria Beckham and Jools Oliver, and is often undetected, but leaves the sufferer battling with weight gain, excessive body hair, acne and reproductive problems where ovaries are prone to cysts.Then they learn about what I do and the music then becomes important.” Jess and the Bandits, Sage Gateshead 2, Wednesday, September 13.A SERIES of paintings which hung in a North-East palace for 260 years are heading to New York for the latest leg of a tour of the United States.There are still tracks for Jess and the Bandits fans but we’re hoping that the risks we are taking will pay off.” The singer, as much as she would like hits in her own country, admits: “Our songs are nothing new in the US or different to what thousands of other people are trying to do. “I’d love to do a Texas tour next year because I know there are a lot of people who never leave the state because they do so well.At the moment it makes sense to throw all our efforts into the UK.” Clemmons’ future also holds the knowledge that her PCOS is likely to reduce when she moves beyond child-bearing age.

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