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Other exhibition venues were the National Sculpture Society, National Academy, Pennsylvania Academy, and Rockefeller Center.He created numerous medallions including ones for the Vatican in Rome. Manca also did WPA (Works Progress Administration) sculpture, and one of these pieces is "Wild Duck and Deer", 1942, in Lyons, Ohio.The pin is 45cm by 82 cm and is set with a large root beer colored glass stone.It is in an intricate silver (tests as at least sterling) in an extremely Art-Deco Style.She also told me that "the necklace is actually the Mayan Calendar: days, months and years. So just because it doesn't have MS-12 or Salas does not mean it is a Matilde Poulat piece. I last saw him over a year ago, he is a most wonderful man (in his 80's) with a great family.A professor at the NSW University picked this up after he counted all the stones, and the way they were segmented, and he noted that this had taken a considerable effort by the maker to work out." Is this true or simply coincidence? He has a small booth at the Bazar Sabado in San Angel in Mexico City that is open for a few hours on Saturday only.From reading the list of Mystery Marks I found the meanings of the three-crowns mark and the S, but would anyone be able to tell me anything more about this bracelet? The ones I've seen on her beautiful early repousse pieces are impressed or stamped. Are the pieces with the scratched marks designs by Matilde Poulat that were produced later?I don't see a "Salas" mark on this piece and I thought the pieces made after 1960 would be marked "Salas" together with the other marks. On his more recent pieces he either uses a rectangular piece of silver soldered on the back with Matl in script and M REGIS (marca registrada - registered mark) followed by a number, MEXICO 925, MS-12 or he simply "scratches" on the back "Matl, Mex 925" He doesn't always scratch on the "MS-12" or "Salas". I know he wrote them because we were visiting with him at his home when he was marking pieces.

Measuring 22 feet across, and ranging from outer to inner height from 10 to 8 1/2 feet, the monumental gates are an appropriate introduction to the actual species within.

From Thomas Mann, a very well known contemporary jeweler based in New Orleans, has been creating jewelry for about thirty years.

He describes himself as "an artist working in the medium of jewelry and sculpture." He has won numerous awards for his jewelry and is featured in many books on modern jewelry including Art Jewelry Today by Dona Z. Margot van Voorhies Carr arrived in Mexico City in 1937.

Any help on identifying would be greatly appreciated. submitted by Jo-An Recently inherited ring with the hallmark SPM, on left side of S 1/2 diamond shape, right side of M other 1/2 diamond shape and then joined at top and bottom with a line. The Rainwater book says that today they only deal in loose diaminds. His studio/gallery was in the North Beach section of San Francisco where, beginning in the 1930s, he handcrafted unique works of art including sculpture and jewelry.

Can any please tell me who made this ring and approximate age? I found SPM listed in a trademark book from 1950 and in Rainwater's book. Margaret De Patta was a close friend and, together with other "pioneers" of this period, they started the San Francisco Metal Arts Guild.

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