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Intrigue also includes rules to up the player count from four to six, allowing more people in on the fun.Other expansions like Dark Ages, Adventures and Empires add a great deal to the game, but can significantly up the game's complexity, which makes them poor first choices if you’re still getting comfortable with Dominion.Initially released as a stand-alone expansion / second base set in 2009, this original version of Intrigue has since fallen out of print.In 2016 it was re-released as Dominion: Intrigue (Second Edition), a more standard-sized expansion that requires the original Dominion to play and drops all the unneeded duplicates of the base game cards.MSRP: .95 for base game and for the Big Box set The obvious starting point, the Dominion base game includes everything up to four players need to jump in.The base game cards are simple and provide the ideal experience for learning how to build decks and how cards can interact with each other.

The theme of Prosperity is wealth, with many action cards that interact with treasure cards and provide bonuses to players who focus on amassing as much gold as possible.

MSRP: .99 each There are seven large expansions to Dominion, each offering new mechanics that build on the base game.

Some are successful while others fall a little flat.

If you already own the original you can purchase a cheapy update pack to upgrade your game to the Second Edition.

Something of an anomaly, and a possible cause of confusion, is Dominion: Intrigue.

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