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Sometime when you are free from the kids, you should let us know so we can clean up the place before you get there." This caused Kim to laugh. I think that sounds fun." She recited off her number and Jason sent the message to her i Phone with a winking emoji. I will try to give you as much notice as I can but it might be a while." "No biggie, just don't forget about us," Jason said. Kim offered a small wave and rushed back to her cart. Several weeks had passed when Jason sent Kim a text. If he wasn't her stepson, she could easily imagine herself flirting back and eagerly accepting the invitation to come over. "No, you want to come over around six or seven on Saturday? And if Jason took a little bit to flirting with her, that might be fun too.Mitch was trying to take the game from Brent and standing up in the cart. Stop it, sit down Mitch or you can get out and walk! We can prepare some snacks and get some drinks and chill for a while." He provided the address of their apartment again and told her he was looking forward to her coming. On Saturday, the boys' father arrived at Kim's around three o'clock to pick up .

Kim helped the boys carry their overnight bags to the car and then returned back inside to get ready for her evening with Jason and Jordan. Kimber checked the mailbox listing to ensure she was going to the right home and then took the elevator to the third floor.Jason sat in a matching recliner while Jordan and Kim sat down on the couch.A bottle of wine was already sitting in bucket of ice and Jordan poured out a glass for everyone."Cheers, and thanks for coming to see us tonight, Kim." The three of them sat there drinking and munching on the snacks catching up on each other's lives.There was a lot to learn about the guys; she asked a lot of questions about their school and careers and the purchase of the apartment. Middle aged life doesn't seem to have the luster of a young life.

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