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i think he was one of those people who liked to play games, the challenge, the drama - whatever - it ended very badly and he tried to get me fired.after i left i found out he had these types of things at every job and would alternate between men and women, always finding people who were lonely, unhappy and easy targets - i think it made him feel big to crush people.He responded and asked to at least see my picture since he had sent me his, but I never wrote back to him after that.I quit that job a couple of years after that and I was briefly tempted to get back in touch with him, but it would have been too awkward.After that, we actually hooked up a few more times.There was nothing shady about it because we were just co-workers.Before he left, he had fucked me in every room and position we could think of.The next day, he was his normal self, but obviously apprehensive and embarrassed about the day before.

One day I was asked to work a second shift to handle a busy dinner crowd. All was kept quiet until the summer -- the week after I turned 18 -- and was close to leaving for San Francisco to go to college (in those days, that fact in itself was like virtually coming out).He sent his first and I was horrified to discover that it was my boss.I panicked and wrote back telling him that I didn't think it would work even though I had always been very attracted to him.After a few months on the job, he sent me an innocuous email at my personal email address, which was an indirect admission that he remembered our past, because there was no other way he could have had that address.That email allowed me to break the ice and point out the obvious and everything was then out in the open.

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