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The S1I race can also be completed in team and is subject to special conditions for participation mentioned in “PARTICIPATION IPERTRAIL” The races are so identified and quantified according to ITRA scale.2 – CLASSIFICATION AND AWARDS There will be a general classification with the arrival times and published on the site The races are: “Sentiero 1 Trail, “la Corsa della Bora”: 57.10km / 2526m ITRA code: 5954-19595, acronim S1T CERTIFIED ROUTE: “Sentiero 1 Half: 21.00km / 542m codice ITRA: 5954-19857, acronim S1H.CERTIFIED ROUTE: “Sentiero 1 Ipertrail” – 165.20km / 6640m codice ITRA: 5954-19853, acronim S1I CERTIFIED ROUTE: “Sentiero 1 Ipertrail Team” – 165.20km / 6640m codice ITRA: 5954-19855, abbreviato S1I Team CERTIFIED ROUTE: “Sentiero 1 Just” – 7.90km / 190m codice ITRA 5954-25591 , abbreviato S1J CERTIFIED ROUTE: The races are competitive of nature, require the equipment described in this Regulation and take place in a single stage.

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5 – ROUTE MARKINGS It is advisable to study well the technical documentation and the “Race Guide” available from the official website, which will be published within thirty days of the start of the race.

It develops, at times, on open grounds but not difficult. ” In all races there are no sections requiring rock climbing skills.

“S1I”: RED mark, definition CAI: “EE itinerary for expert hikers.

“The S1I path also requires a high degree of autonomy and ability to face hostile climate and rough terrain, snow and frozen, in addition to the management of the energy and resources in an environment with temperatures that can vary from a range of 12 to -12 degrees.

On the road book and specific map (available both on the race site) indicates the type of fund marked with color.

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