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From 2004 to 2006, the EU committed about EUR 6 million for civil society projects in Ukraine, while for the period 2007-2013 commitments for civil society increased to EUR 25 million.

EU funded activities cover a broad spectrum of issues, including the fight against trafficking and the protection of asylum-seekers, local development, the prevention of torture and ill-treatment, the protection of the rights of children and other vulnerable groups, electoral support, anti-discrimination, strengthening civil society oversight functions and governmental accountability.

Answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the Commission (15 January 2014) Currently more than half of the Russian gas deliveries to the European Union pass through Ukraine.

In the context of the failure of Ukraine to sign an association agreement with the EU, what effect does the Commission anticipate that this will have on European consumers who are reliant on the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine?

Añade expresamente que «la Unión contribuirá al establecimiento y al desarrollo de redes transeuropeas en los sectores de las infraestructuras de transportes».

La Comisión también ha desarrollado ampliamente la cuestión de la liberalización del sector ferroviario, en particular en una Comunicación de 11 se septiembre de 1996. ¿Considera la Comisión que el posible veto es conforme a las normas europeas relacionadas con la liberalización del sector ferroviario?

Whilst a disruption of gas supplies through Ukraine would have an impact in the EU because of the volumes concerned, there are at present no concrete indications that would point towards such a possible disruption.

The Commission is constantly monitoring all the events that could have an impact on security of supply.

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