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The first USAR team to arrive in Oklahoma City was that of the Phoenix, Arizona, Fire Department.Late last year Stratus created a 19-question survey that featured questions on call volume, staffing, next-generation 9-1-1 plans, use of virtualization technologies, system outages and more.After many years in this field, I feel that the time has come to bring this deficiency to the forefront.Just before Thanksgiving last year, an article entitled 12 Things That You Definitely Didn't Know About 911 Dispatchers hit the web, appearing on several sites simultaneously.The attacks and subsequent loss of responders helped to once again elevate the public's respect of the entire Fire Service.But with great respect comes great responsibility and five years later some agencies have found that the greater the height, the greater the fall as the "mileage" gained after 9/11 has come back to haunt them in many ways never imagined.The event was held at the City’s north Corporation Yard.More than 30 mobile command vehicles of all shapes and sizes attended the annual event...

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The proliferation of new applied data resources and new applications is going to be an impact of incredible proportion for E9-1-1 since Wireless E9-1-1.This last winter marked the 25th Anniversary of 9-1-1 Magazine - a quarter century since this independent journal first saw the light of print and paper.And while it has somewhat reluctantly left its printed origins behind in favor of the light of modern electronically pixilated e-publishing on the World Wide Web, its inherent mission statement hasn't changed all that much...Upon their arrival firefighters were confronted with heavy smoke and fire showing from a one-story single family dwelling.April 19, 1995: Twenty years ago, 9-1-1 Magazine covered the Oklahoma City bombing aftermath from the perspective of the 9-1-1 dispatchers who were working that morning, from the report of the first (of eleven) FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Forces to respond to begin rescue operations, and from the perspective of critical incident stress management for responders.

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